Handful of Crumbs (partially lost Sesame Street short; 1982)

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SS C is For Cookie Cover.jpg

Cover for "C is for Cookie", one of three albums featuring this song.

Status: Partially Lost

"Handful of Crumbs" is a Sesame Street song and short that first aired sometime in Season 13 (1981-1982). It featured Cookie Monster singing a song about how sad he is over the fact that his cookie broke into crumbs after holding it too tight, all while being backed by a country band consisting of generic Muppet monsters, including one who would eventually become Elmo (performed by Jerry Nelson in the short).


While the song itself has been released on three different Sesame Street compilation albums, the short had not resurfaced on the internet or home media in any way until June 20th, 2017, when YouTuber "Ferdasyn 80" uploaded a Barrio Sésamo episode that contained the short. However, the original English version of the short remains lost.


The remade audio for album releases of the song.
The Barrio Sésamo episode uploaded by Ferdasyn 80 (starts at 13:26).
The Castilian Spanish dub of the filmed version.
Partial English dub.

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