Hollywood Squares "It Just Ain't Right" (partially lost episodes of game show; 2004)

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The show's logo from 2002 to 2004.

Status: Partially Lost

From May 3rd, 2004 to May 7th, 2004,[1] the game show Hollywood Squares had a contest week called "It Just Ain't Right". It plays like a spot the difference for viewers to tell seven things that feel out of place in that week's episodes than a regular episode of Hollywood Squares from that time. It was also the only week of episodes with a home viewer contest attached to it and was also the last unique themed week before the show's cancellation on May 31st, 2004. Although like most episodes from this version of Hollywood Squares have turned up online, only three of five episodes from that week have turned up online and two episodes are missing.


Monday Episode


# Difference
1 Two celebrities' names did not match their faces in the intro.
2 Bonus round keys were blue instead of red.
3 License plate said "Price Is Right".
4 Contestants' positions were reversed.
5 The 2 on the H Squared mogul was on the wrong side.
6 The bonus clock counted forward for 30 seconds instead of backward.
7 Different sound effect to indicate time up.

Tuesday Episode


# Difference
1 Background in the intro was blue instead of red.
2 1998-2001 Theme was used.
3 Secret Square Prize: Going to Hawaii’s sandy beaches but showing snow covered mountains and a skier.
4 MARTIN MULL’s name is shown reversed.
5 I LOVE DORIS was reversed.
6 Showing yesterday’s audience but no one shown, only empty seats.
7 Henry Winkler and Michael Levitt's productions logo was flipped.

Wednesday Episode


# Difference
1 The stars' introduction starts with the center square (Most episodes have the center square last).
2 Charlene Tilton was the secret square, and her picture was shown upside down.
3 Melissa Peterman had curls in her hair.
4 Auto scroll running "this is a mistake" backwards after a commercial break.
5 Tom Bergeron was wearing glasses during part of the show.
6 Grocery cart on stage.
7 All the stars were gone from their squares at the end of the show, they are usually there until the show is completely over.

Thursday Episode


# Difference
1 Martin Mull was in the Grips Chair.
2 Martin Mull's square was in black and white.
3 Tom Bergeron was wearing shorts in the bonus round.
4 It wasn't Tom on the big screen when they announced you.
5 A pay phone in BaBa Booey's Square.
6 Winnings were stated in British Currency (£) instead of the dollar sign.
7 The safe had a new useless combination lock.

Friday Episode


# Difference
1 Unknown
2 Unknown
3 Unknown
4 Unknown
5 Unknown
6 Unknown
7 Unknown


Youtube user thewhammy83 uploaded the first three episodes from that week on April 1st, 2010 and stated in the description of the third part of the Wednesday episode that due to bad reception at the time, he was only able to record the last ten minutes of the Thursday episode and he doesn't have the Friday episode. Despite saying he has the last ten minutes of the Thursday episode, he did not upload it because he says "which seems unfair to just put up". These episodes have never been reran on Game Show Network and it's unknown who else has the last two episodes in their entirety and as of the writing if this article, remains the only episodes from this incarnation of Hollywood Squares to have missing episodes.


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