How The Hampsters Saved Winter (lost direct-to-video Hampster Dance film; 2009)

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The missing hamster movie.jpg

The DVD cover of the movie, designed by Asbury Arts. Coincidentally, the same people who designed the current website.

Status: Lost

How The Hampsters Saved Winter was a straight-to-DVD lost animated movie about Hampton and the Hampsters going on a "snowy adventure where they help make a family's dream come true." It is unknown who directed or starred in the movie, but it was produced by Abatis International LLC and animated by a company in New Jersey.

The movie was listed for sale (as well as released) on April 2nd, 2009 on the Hampster Dance website, with a link to order it through the site Kunaki. The DVD was available to purchase as late as 2012.[1] However, now when someone clicks on the link, they would be directed to a page that says "product not available."[2]

The movie's existence was confirmed in an article from 2018 where Bill Porfido, owner of the Hampster Dance property, confirmed "roughly 2,000 copies" of the movie were sold.[3] No clips, trailers, or audio exists of the movie. Only the DVD cover and the original price of $7.99 is all that exists online. However, screenshots do exist via a game on the website called Hamster Hijinks.[4]

On January 23rd, 2020, the Hamster Dance's official website domain was shut down, and is currently seeking renewal. However, considering the website hasn't been updated since 2011, renewal seems unlikely.




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