Jingaroo (partially found direct-to-video animated series; 1998-1999)

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The characters.

Status: Partially Found

Jingaroo was a direct-to-video 1998 animated series from Australia. It was co-created by Mark Stokes of Beckett Entertainment,[1] and produced by DNA Productions (responsible for the CG animation in shows like Jimmy Neutron and The Ant Bully). Jeff Amano[2] drew promotional artwork for the series. The first volume was completed sometime around late Summer-Fall 1998 and then shown on November 19 of that year at the Granada Movie Grill Prestonwood at Dallas, Texas. The last two volumes were completed around Summer 1999.[3] The three volumes were then released on October 22, 1999, each containing three stories.[4] The Videos had advertisements within the 1999 - 2000 issues of Beckett Pokemon Collector magazine,[5] Which included a 3-part comic[6]

The episodes focused on leading an active, sporty lifestyle, with characters (all based on Australian-native animals) occasionally breaking out into musical numbers, all of which were collated on a soundtrack album, which was previously lost media. The series also used to have a website, which has since shut down, using the wayback machine reveals descriptions of some of the missing episodes.

Between issues Due to the limited release on VHS, Jingaroo has become extremely obscure. Only one complete video; The Fool Moon, has since been resurfaced.

The soundtrack was made public on the 18th of March, after a TvTropes frequenter shared their own rip of the soundtrack, and it was mirrored online [7] . It was also uploaded to Youtube later that month by another owner of the soundtrack [8] interestingly, some of the songs on the soundtrack are different than their VHS counterparts. For instance,"be my pal" on the soundtrack uses a chorus of singers, and not the characters' voices from the VHS. the reason for this is unknown.

Title Status
The Water Tree and Other Stories Lost
The Fool Moon and Other Stories Found
Outback Grand Prix and Other Stories Lost



The Fool Moon and Other Stories.

Uploaded by the musician who played fretless bass on this musical number.

The demo from the animation studio, presumably.

The Complete Soundtrack

End credits of the series.