Jollyfilter (lost proof-of-concept video; 2000)

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Status: Lost

In 2000, Mystery Science Theater 3000 creator Joel Hodgson and his brother Jim pitched an idea for a potential show known as Jollyfilter. The process involved taking a pre-existing film and adding humorous CGI effects along with some music alterations. As they were in a development deal with USA Networks, the brothers tested this out using the 1977 disaster film Rollercoaster.

Ultimately, the project never panned out and Hodgson moved on to the MST3K spiritual successor Cinematic Titanic. In 2008, the Cinematic Titanic YouTube channel uploaded the entire test video. Unfortunately, the video soon had its audio muted due to copyright infringement and the entire video was taken down by the end of 2009. No traces of it has resurfaced.


(Please note that the following was written from memory.)

The video showed the opening credits of Rollercoaster in its original state. Following this, the Jollyfilter is activated and a jet ship flies around the Universal logo. It then makes a splash landing near the boardwalk where Timothy Bottoms goes fishing with a small frog attached to his rod. The frog gets eaten by a shark while Bottoms turns on the radio where Ohio Players' Love Rollercoaster plays. While investigating the Ocean View Amusement Park through binoculars, a fly gets into his nose. The park's clown building suddenly opens, revealing an electrifying brain. Its eerie appearance manages to break the glass off the binoculars and the fly buzzes off.

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