Just a Girl (found BBC online short film; 2016)

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Just a Girl
Amy Jones in Just a Girl.
Amy Jones in Just a Girl.
Status Found
Date found April 17th, 2017
Found by Allegro DX and Exprezz561

Just a Girl was a 34-minute drama about a transgender child, written by Mark Davies Markham[1]and produced by CBBC (the children's entertainment division of the United Kingdom's state-funded BBC network). It was released in September 2016.


When Just a Girl was released on the internet it caused a brief but massive lightning bolt of public backlash for its generally positive depiction of an eleven-year-old transgender girl, Amy, going through gender reassignment by taking hormone blockers while dealing with the challenges of starting secondary school.

The Mail on Sunday's response to the show.

It was a significant release, as it was the first time the BBC had put out a drama aimed at children that were centered around transgender issues and was a first of its kind from any broadcaster. The shock it provoked reached not just the print and television media, but went all the way to national government, with Conservative MPs going out of their way to complain about the show. MP for Wellingborough, Peter Bone, told The Mail on Sunday:

It beggars belief that the BBC is making this programme freely available to children as young as six. I entirely share the anger of parents who just want to let children be children. It is completely inappropriate for such material to be on the CBBC website and I shall be writing to BBC bosses to demand they take it down as soon as possible.[2]

While Julian Brazer, Conservative MP for Canterbury, said:

This programme is very disappointing and inappropriate. Children are very impressionable and this is going to confuse and worry them.”[3]

Journalists in the British news media were even harsher in their criticism. In one of the most scathing attacks, The Mirror went with the headline:

Fury at a sex-change programme that shows transgender ‘Ben’ dressing up as ‘Amy’ and is aimed at six-year-old children”. [4]

It even appeared as the banner headline on the front page of The Mail on Sunday.[5]

Other media took a more balanced view while organisations such as TransPride and diversity consultant Tara Hewitt condemned the comments made by Bone and Brazer and supported the show[6][7], as did The Huffington Post and transgender children's charity, Mermaids.[8] With specific reference to the Mail on Sunday headline, Susie Green, CEO of the charity said:

The writer for this series did a lot of work with Mermaids parents and young people to make sure that he represented the challenges that children and their families face. The horrific headline detracts from a wonderful series that has been well received as educational and empathic.

Toward the end of October 2016, the BBC itself released an official statement in defence of the show, stating:

Just a Girl is about a fictional transgender character trying to make sense of the world, dealing with bullying and work out [sic] how to keep her friends, which are universal themes that many children can relate to, and which has had a positive response from our audience. CBBC aims to reflect true life to our audience, providing content that mirrors the lives of as many UK children as possible.[9]


The full CBBC Just a Girl webpage on 13th September 2016.
To date, the show was released only online, but is no longer available for viewing on either the CBBC website[10] or CBBC’s official Youtube channel.[11] It was removed from both platforms at some point during the first three months of 2017.

All the controversy flared and died quickly, and after October 2016 the video ended up being apparently totally forgotten about in the media. Because of this, along with the BBC’s draconian copyright-infringement takedowns, there are no alternative uploads on Youtube or other video-sharing sites. Perhaps this was the BBC’s way of quietly erasing the controversy from their history, although the official page (without the video) for the show is still up as of this writing.

The Web Archive has an archived version of the official page from 13th September 2016 when the video was still up. Unfortunately, the Web Archive doesn’t always archive video and Flash content, so the video has not been archived.[12]

It is difficult to know whether or not the BBC has kept a private archive of the film, and according to the BBC Archive website, asking the BBC for a copy is a waste of time unless you are one of the show's creators.[13]

Mumsnet Thread

On 10th September 2016, not long after Just a Girl was released, a Mumsnet thread was opened by a worried mother whose seven-year-old daughter had stumbled across the show, asking whether or not it was appropriate. This was before the controversy flared after the show became widely noted.[14]

The thread was a likely ground-zero for the spread and controversy that followed. It appears to be the earliest date at which concern over Just a Girl was publicly expressed and noted.

Radio Play Source Material

The story was based on a BBC Radio 4 drama of the same name, also written by Mark Davies Markham, and consisting of five 15-minute episodes over two series. It was broadcast as part of Radio 4's Women's Hour. The story featured the same characters and a very similar plot, but contained a number of changes, such as focusing more on Amy's parents, and was not intended as a children's broadcast.[15] The show is also not available online, but ought not be considered lost as it is likely to be re-broadcast on Radio 4 at some future date; according to Markham's agency profile, a third series of the radio show is in development.[16]

Radio Times described the show as follows:

Drama exploring how parents cope when a child feels that he or she was born the wrong gender. In the first edition, Gary and Charlotte visit the doctor with their daughter Amy to see if hormone blockers are the right choice.[17]


The story is told through the main character, Amy Jones, narrating recent episodes from her life into a recording app on her phone. Tashi's is the only other voice we hear directly, being the only other character who speaks into Amy's phone.

The narration is accompanied by animatic sequences, combining human models with a variety of animated collage and cartoon animation.

The piano refrain from Ellie Goulding's version of Elton John's Your Song is used as a musical theme throughout.


Amy, an eleven-year-old transgender girl and aspiring pianist, is spending the summer holidays practising piano and anticipating the start of secondary school where she will go with her best friend, Tashi, in September. She talks about how her parents acknowledged that she is transgender after some reluctance from her father and that she is now on a course of hormone blockers to prevent her from going through male puberty.

When she starts at her new school, things go well, and she makes new friends, looking forward to inviting them to her 12th birthday party, but a bully named Connor from her primary school turns out to be in the year above her. Connor remembers Amy as a boy and begins to harass Amy, calling her by her birth-name, "Ben", and referring to her as "the girl-boy". He tries to tell the rest of the school her secret: that she is transgender. Amy starts to fear going to school, believing her new friends will be disturbed by her past and abandon her, or worse: start bullying her themselves.

After braving going back to school, despite knowing her secret has leaked out, Amy saves one of Connor's friends, who is picking on Amy's friend Tashi, from injuring himself in a fall, and an understanding teacher finds out about the bullying that's going on. Connor's grandmother comes to the school and makes him apologise, albeit reluctantly, to Amy.

After this, Amy decides to go in front of her class and tell everyone, on her own terms, that she is transgender and what it means, and afterwards plays them a piece of piano music of her own composition, titled Just a Girl.

The story concludes with Amy attending a friend's 12th birthday party along with her classmates. Connor is there, but reconciles with Amy, now being an admirer of her musical abilities.


The entire film was found on April 17, 2017 when "Allegro DX", who did a review on the film was informed that it was rare, so he provided a MEGA link. The film most likely cannot be uploaded on any video sharing sites due to BBC and copyright, however you can still download it using this MEGA link https://mega.nz/#!RapFRKgY!975kDz3c8n98oilGGqaZQKAhu0MKfPefm3G0IvgVzuY


5 News broadcast containing eight seconds of footage, with audio, from Just a Girl (starting at 0:25) and featuring a discussion between Tara Hewitt and Roger Kiska, a representative from Christian Concern.



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8 months ago
Score 4++
It's a weird thing that even to this day things can still become lost.


8 months ago
Score 1++


8 months ago
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What makes this even weirder is if I had heard about this short just a few months ago I would have been able to see it :-(


8 months ago
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I watched it three times before it was taken down. Ask me anything.


7 months ago
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Found! That was quick!


7 months ago
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I guess it's really hard for things to become lost in this day and age

Anonymous user #1

8 months ago
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Good riddens. One of the worst ideas the Beeb ever came up with. And that's saying something.

Sometimes, it's a tragedy when something becomes lost. Palmyra, for instance. Other times, such as this, it's entirely appropriate that the piece of media is left in the annals of history where it belongs.

Anonymous user #2

8 months ago
Score 2++

I actually wonder if they've pulled it in advance of beginning production on a full-fledged live-action TV series of the concept. Considering how this thing ended up falling off the radar, it's not THAT likely, but I wouldn't be surprised at all.

After all, CBBC is known for releasing real-life drama for kids that approaches hard issues without watering things down too much, like growing up in a foster home in Tracy Beaker, and life-or-death surgery in Pig Heart Boy.

Anonymous user #3

8 months ago
Score 1++

Knowing BBC they probably tried to talk about "CIS Privilege" and other bullshit, the fact that the Huffington Post gave it positive reviews tells me that this subject was probably handled as subtle as a slap to the face. Child indoctrination is disgusting.

Sorry if this offends anyone, it's just even trans people think this shit is weird to teach children when they cannot comprehend the Intricate details of gender that most adults cannot even understand

Anonymous user #4

8 months ago
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Bigotry has won the day and a piece of media was the prize, hopefully this gets shown again and the right wing trash keeps out of it

Anonymous user #7

6 months ago
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Kill yourself

Anonymous user #5

8 months ago
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So How bad is it?

Anonymous user #6

7 months ago
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This was found very quickly after the articles creation, dang


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Well done for finding it!

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Should have stayed lost
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