Killing Patton (cancelled TV movie adaption of Bill O'Reilly novel; 2017)

Killing Patton (TV movie adaptation)
Cover of the source novel
Cover of the source novel
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Killing Patton is a 2014 novel by Bill O'Reilly and Martin Dugard. It is about the death of United States General George S. Patton and presents the theory that he was poisoned by Soviet Union General Secretary Josef Stalin.

O'Reilly, best known for hosting The O'Reilly Factor on Fox News Channel, wrote the Killing series of novels that deal with deaths and attempted assassinations of various historical figures and the ends of historical regimes.


On November 24, 2015, a television movie adaptation was announced by National Geographic Channel and Scott Free Productions. The two had previously adapted Killing Lincoln, Killing Kennedy, Killing Jesus and Killing Reagan.


O'Reilly would be fired by Fox News on April 19, 2017, amid sexual harassment accusations. Initially, National Geographic (whose is owned by 21st Century Fox, the same owner as Fox News) planned on going through with the movie.

However, in June 2017, the project was cancelled. The network claimed that the cancellation was not because of O'Reilly's scandal, saying It was in development for a couple of years, and it was a difficult project to crack creatively. Like most projects in development, it didn’t go the distance, so we passed on it.

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