Kore (partially lost promotional sports DVD series; 2003-2004)

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Kore DVD case scan 2.jpg

Kore DVD case.

Status: Partially Lost

The Kore videos are a series of 3 DVDs (Kore Sk8, Kore Surf and Kore FMX) which showcased various athletes from various sport companies performing stunts, sometimes interspersed with short comedy skits. The DVDs were a promotion with the Australian cereal Nutri-Grain. Both Kore Sk8 and Kore Surf have been uploaded to archive.org, however Kore FMX has not fully surfaced anywhere online and the archive.org link for Kore Surf is no longer available. A brief excerpt of both is seen in a TV advertisement for the promotion.

Date Ambiguity

There is some ambiguity with when the Kore videos were released. The DVD cover and Kore FMX's Filmogs page shows the copyright year being 2003 but in the credits of both Kore Sk8 and Kore Surf the copyright year is listed as 2004. The "Date Modified" dates for both Kore Sk8 and Kore Surf are from 2003 as well. Due to limited information there's no way of confirming which one is true.


# DVD Title Status
1 Kore Sk8 Found
2 Kore Surf Partially Found
3 Kore FMX Partially Found


TV Advertisement with brief excerpt of Kore FMX at the 0:07 mark.

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