Little Lulu and Her Little Friends (partially found episode of anime series; 1976)

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Little lulu.jpg

A screenshot from an episode.

Status: Partially Found

Ritoru Ruru to Chitchai Nakama (also known as Little Lulu and Her Little Friends) is a 26-episode anime series, produced by Nippon Animation, that ran from October 3, 1976, to April 3, 1977. This show was based on the American comics by Marjorie Buell. This anime is extremely rare and has been out of print for a long time.

An English dub was made by ZIV International in 1978. It was also dubbed in Spanish, German, Italian, Arabic, Hebrew, and Brazilian Portuguese.


According to a comment on a Little Lulu intro. Little Lulu was very popular in America at the time. However, it was not popular at all in Japan.

It aired in America in the 1980s. VHS tapes were not very popular and were very expensive at the time, so barely anyone could record it.

The only known footage of the Japanese and English versions are the intro. However, the whole series is available in Spanish.

On July 20th, 2019, YouTuber Lulu1976 Archive uploaded six full episodes of the Ziv International English dub of Little Lulu which was originally uploaded by now-deleted YouTube channel Fogelogel.



EP1-Little Angel Part 1
EP1-Little Angel Part 2
EP2-Operation Babysitter Part 1
EP2-Operation Babysitter Part 2
EP3-Good Luck Gaurd Part 1
EP3-Good Luck Gaurd Part 2
EP4-The Endurance Test Part 1
EP4-The Endurance Test Part 2
EP5-Save the Prisoners Part 1
EP5-Save the Prisoners Part 2
EP6-Little Fireman Part 1
EP6-Little Fireman Part 2
The original Japanese intro of the show.
The English intro of the show.
The English credits of the show.
The Spanish intro of the show.

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