Magical DoReMi - Witchling Sing-Along: "Believing in Love" (lost music video of 4KidsTV exclusive song; 2008)

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DoReMi Witchling Sing-along LOGO.png

Logo that appears before every Sing-Along.

Status: Lost

Magical DoReMi, which was dubbed by 4KidsTV in 2005, would feature a music video with clips from the anime itself along with an original song created exclusively for the 4KidsTV version at the end of almost every episode of Magical DoReMi.

In 2008, a new set of sing-along music videos were released which were; "We Can Make Magic" (This song was featured prior to the 2008 releases of the new sing-alongs however due to it being heard at the beginning of Magical Doremi: episode 27, but it was re-released in 2008 with a different set of clips on the music video), "The Stray Town Strut" (the full version of this song was lost until October 24, 2015, when YouTube user, TheModernFate, uploaded a video featuring the full song of "The Stray Town Strut" onto YouTube. However, the audio's quality is poor and the original Witchling Sing-along music video for this song remains lost), and "Believing in Love" which was first featured in Magical DoReMi: episode 39 ("Skater Love").

"Believing in Love", along with the rest of the Witchling Sing-alongs, used to be available on the official 4KidsTV website until the website went defunct. All of the original Witchling Sing-along music videos, with the exception of "Believing in Love" and "The Stray Town Strut", have since remained on the internet.