Mario Roulette (lost arcade game; 1991)

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Marioroulette title.jpg

Title screen.

Status: Lost

Mario Roulette was an arcade game developed by Konami in 1991. It uses graphics from the 1990 SNES game Super Mario World.


The gameplay is a basic roulette game, and upon winning, the game dispenses medals which the player can exchange for prizes at the arcade. Items that would be included in the game are the Super Mushroom, Fire Flower, Cape Feather, and Star.[1] As well as Mario and Yoshi, Peach and Bowser also make an appearance. If the player would get Peach/Bowser as the center icon, it would determine if the player wins/loses the round (Peach = wins, Bowser = loses).


Even though that a lot of videos and images are available online, no ROM dump has ever been released due to its exclusivity and rareness.