Max the Cat (partially found Canadian children's animated TV series; 1996)

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Status: Partially Found

Max the Cat is a Canadian animated children's series based off of the book series of the same name by Adam Whitmore. The show follows Max, a tailless cat who travels around the world in search of his tail, and goes on adventures and learns about places along the way. The show aired two seasons and had both an English and French version. In total, 52 episodes of the show were made in two seasons.[1]

The show was first produced in 1996 by SDA Productions, a subsidiary of Coscient Group at the time. In 1999, Coscient Group was bought out by Motion International, who in turn was bought by Quebecor, which eventually became TVA films.[2][3]

No footage of the show was available online until 2015 when YouTube user GreenArrow1993 uploaded footage of the intro and credits. When asked if they had any episodes, GreenArrow stated that they saw the footage they posted on a VHS tape that mostly contained episodes of "Mr. Dress-Up." In the same year, a group by the name of Canal Famille 2.0 posted two whole episodes of the French version of the show, Max le Chat onto Dailymotion.


Max the Cat episode "Charlotte la baleine" (in French).

Max the Cat episode "Les Èlèphants" (in French).

Max the Cat intro and credits.

ObscureMediaTV's video on the subject.