McDonald's (found "New Slang" commercial from fast food restaurant; 2002)

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McDonald’s “New Slang”.jpg

A screenshot of the commercial.

Status: Found

Date found: 17 Jan 2023

Found by: Junkie’s Tape Bin

New Slang is a song made by the band, The Shins on their 2001 debut album, Oh, Inverted World. New Slang was the band’s breakout hit, garnering wide acclaim as well as its use in various media like The Sopranos, Scrubs, and Garden State. However, during the Winter Olympics of 2002, the song was reportedly aired in a McDonald’s commercial which was faced with negative reception.


In 2002, McDonald’s aired a commercial during the Winter Olympics using the song. The Shins was an up-and-coming indie band at the time, so licensing McDonald’s song was seen as a sellout move. In the commercial, it was about a man playing with a baby, while the song was playing in the background.[1] Apparently, the people who watched it didn’t know it was a commercial from McDonald’s until the logo appeared at the end. One user who saw the commercial claims that it was “bizarre” and “kind of disturbing”.

The commercial received negative attention and thus wasn’t aired again. The leader of the band, James Mercer regrets his decision to let McDonald’s use the song, quote:

"I mean, really honestly, I regret it now. I’m willing to admit I regret it." The McDonald’s commercial in question aired in 2002 around the Winter Olympics, which were hosted in Utah.[2]


The commercial was seemingly lost to time, even though countless articles, posts, and threads talked about this commercial existing. One user does claim that it aired every night on NBC during the coverage of the Winter Olympics.

On January 17th, 2023, YouTuber Junkie’s Tape Bin posts a commercial compilation that includes the whole commercial. This will not be known until u/sorryabtlastnight finds it in the video.


the full commercial.

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