Melanie Martinez "Cry Baby" (partially lost unreleased songs from pop album; 2014)

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Album cover for Cry Baby.

Status: Partially Lost

Melanie Martinez is an American pop artist who appeared on The Voice and got eliminated in her fifth week. After her elimination, she went on to produce music independently. In 2014, she released her first EP, Dollhouse, and then released the Cry Baby album one year later. Over 40 songs were recorded for the album, but many of them didn't make the cut for reasons ranging from them not fitting the album's theme to Martinez simply not liking them.

Below are two lists of Melanie's unreleased songs, one for songs that have been found, one for songs that have been partially found and one for songs that remain lost. Some of the songs listed below may not have necessarily been a part of Cry Baby and may not have been intended for release at all. The list also includes some songs that may be included on her sophomore studio album.

Song List

Found/Partially Found Songs

# Short Title Status
1 99 Cent Store Found
2 A Thousand Words Found
3 Band Aid Found
4 Birthing Addicts Found
5 Bombs on Monday Morning Found
6 Bones Are Blue Found
7 Can't Shake You Found
8 Curly Cue Found
9 Dear Porcupine Found
10 Drama Club Found
11 Gold Diggin' Love Found
12 Half Hearted Found
13 Haunted Found
14 Intervals Found
15 I Think I'm Crazy Found
16 Million Men Found
17 Night Mime Found
18 Race Found
19 Rough Love Found
20 Run Found
21 Schizo Found
22 Smoke Found
23 Strawberry Fields Forever (The Beatles cover) Found
24 The One Found
25 Unhappy Meal Found
26 Wicked Words Found
27 You Love I Found
28 Where Do Babies Come From? Partially Found

Lost Songs

# Short Title Status
1 Added Lost
2 Alone Lost
3 Black and Blue Lost
4 Blossoming Lost
5 Class Clown Lost
6 Dead Body Lost
7 Empty Life Lost
8 Go On Away Lost
9 Heart at the Door Lost
10 Hey Alice Lost
11 I Scream Lost
12 Jimmy Tells Lost
13 Jump Rope Lost
14 King of the Arcade Lost
15 Last Chapter (Never Stayed For Love) Lost
16 Mistakes Lost
17 Normalcy Will Never Be Achieved Lost
18 Paper People Lost
19 Psycho Lovers Lost
20 Silence Says Lost
21 Story Of An Insomniac Lost
22 Time Flies Lost
23 Until Sunrise Lost
24 Violent Disease Lost


There is a theory going around about all of the lost songs being released in the next album, but this is very unlikely since it won't fit the theme of the next album "K-12" which is school themed.