Mistin (partially found Singaporean English dub of Kasumin; 2001)

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Mistin Introduction

Status: Partially Found

Kasumin is a Japanese anime produced by OLM, Inc which ran from 2001 to 2003 on the Japanese TV station NHK. Kasumin was a decently popular anime in Japan during the time it was airing and had received a few dubs in other countries in other languages. Around this time, Kasumin was dubbed in English in Singapore which renamed the anime Mistin, and aired in South East Asia

Most of the English dub for Mistin used to be available on YouTube when YouTuber AniDisFan uploaded Kasumin episodes with the English dubbed audio playing at the same time as the original Japanese audio. However, the YouTube channel has since been terminated and ever since this event, a majority of the Mistin English dubbed episodes have gone missing. The only remaining content from the Mistin English dub is its opening theme song and Mistin episode 25 (which has dual audio with the English dub and Japanese dub).


The English opening for Mistin.
Episode 25 of Mistin.