Mistin (found Singaporean English dub of "Kasumin" anime series; 2001)

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Mistin title card.

Status: Found

Date found: 01 Jan 2024

Found by: AniDisFan, oblivionaccess

Kasumin is a Japanese anime produced by OLM, Inc which ran from 2001 to 2003 on the Japanese TV station NHK. Kasumin was a decently popular anime in Japan during the time it was airing and had received a few dubs in other languages. Around this time, Kasumin was dubbed in English by Voiceovers Unlimited, which renamed the anime Mistin, and aired in Singapore on Kids Central.[1] The dub was also broadcast in the US on Animania HD.[2] Additionally, the dub received a complete VCD release in Singapore by Poh Kim Video.[3]


  • Alison Lester as Misty Springfield, Blossom Mistin
  • Brian Zimmerman as Flash, Hermit Mistin, Hot Pot, Koala, Thunderbolt, Bartender, Party Dude (ep 10), Rainboy (ep 9)
  • Chio Su Ping as Alice Clay, Caroline, Lilly Mistin, Miss Michelle Rivers, Dragon Boy, Sunny, Mary White Birch, Misty's mom, Socket
  • Chuck Powers as Michael Fogbottom, Mr. Hat, Ozzie Magick, Scrubby, Typhoon, Corn, Miss Koskai (ep 1 and 4), Misty's dad, Old Woman (ep 13), Snowboy (ep 9)
  • Jamie Meldrum as Ebeneezer Mistin, Glad Rag, Morph Closet (ep 8), Ozzie's dad (ep 7 and 13)[4]


Most of the English dub for Mistin used to be available on YouTube when YouTuber AniDisFan uploaded Kasumin episodes with the English dubbed audio playing at the same time as the original Japanese audio. However, the YouTube channel has since been terminated, leading to the majority of the Mistin English dubbed episodes going missing.

As of January 2024, all 26 episodes of the Mistin English dub have been found.

Episode List

# Episode Title Status
01 Misty Comes to the House of Mistin Found
02 Lilly Comes Home Found
03 Misty Goes to School Found
04 Misty is a Nursery School Teacher Found
05 Miss Michelle's Home Visit Found
06 Hot Pot is Feeling Down Found
07 Misty Sends an Email Found
08 Dragon Boy Gets Lonely Found
09 Popular Misty Found
10 Misty Goes to the Morph Festival Found
11 Ozzie's Going to Hawaii Found
12 Misty Gets a Little Excited Found
13 Misty Gets Very Excited Found
14 Dragon Boy, Mr. Big Found
15 Hermit Becomes a Teacher Found
16 Misty's Newspaper Found
17 The Morphs Get Into a Fight Found
18 The House of Mistin Gets Cursed Found
19 The Morphs Go to the Bazaar Found
20 Misty Becomes a Target Found
21 Mo-Eye Comes Over Found
22 Dragon Boy Plays Tricks Found
23 Misty on the Trail Found
24 Misty Opens the Door Found
25 Misty Closes the Door Found
26 The House of Mistin Beckons Spring Found


The English opening for Mistin.

The English credits for Mistin.

Episode 25 of Mistin.

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