Molly and the Skywalkerz (found made-for-TV films from Bill Melendez Productions; 1985-1989)

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1st Molly film VHS.jpeg

1998 VHS Cover for "Happily Ever After", the first film in the duology.

Status: Found

Date found: 01 Jun 2023

Found by: Robert Coates Returns Again

Molly and the Skywalkerz is the name of a duology of made-for-television films produced by J.Z.M. and Bill Melendez Productions (best known for the Peanuts animations and specials). The films focus on Molly (Cassandra Coblentz[1]), a young girl with a big imagination, and her friends "The Skywalkerz." The specials are considered to be the darker counterpart to the Peanuts, as it tackled serious situations such as a person marrying each other and divorce. The two films were released on VHS in 1998. They are extremely rare and out-of-print and can be found on Amazon or eBay. Furthermore, the films never re-ran after the 1980s for unknown reasons, but it is possible because of them being too "full-on" for kids.


In Happily Ever After, Molly Conway suffers from depression when she finds out that her parents are getting divorced. She and her friends try everything to get them back together, but everything backfires. Eventually she accepts her new situation.[2] In Two Daddies? (or Two Daddies to Love Me on the Bill Melendez website), Molly Conway must learn to accept her divorced mother's re-marriage.


Both Happily Ever After and Two Daddies? used to be viewable in full on YouTube, but the channel who uploaded them got terminated, now rendering both films partially found or lost, as clips of them can be seen in a trailer promoting the said VHS releases. Furthermore, the first few minutes of Happily Ever After can be seen in ThePreviewGuy's VHS opener video on the film, while a clip from Two Daddies was seen in a YTV promo for the International Children's Day of Broadcasting in December of 1999.

On June 1st, 2023, YouTube user Robert Coates Returns Again reuploaded both films onto his channel.


The promo for the film duology, featuring clips of both films (starts at 0:10).

ThePreviewGuy's VHS opener of Happily Ever After featuring the first few minutes of the film.

Promo of the International Children's Day of Broadcasting on YTV in December of 1999, featuring clips of Two Daddies?.


Happily Ever After (1985)

Two Daddies? (1989)

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