Mon Cherie CoCo (partially found anime series based on manga; 1972)

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An image from the opening

Status: Partially Found

Mon Cherie CoCo (モンシェリ CoCo) is an anime series based on the 1971 manga of the same name created by Waki Yamato. This anime was produced by Nippon TV Video in 1972.

The series was aired every Sunday from 7:30 pm to 8:00 pm from August 27th, 1972, to November 26th in the same year.[1][2]

According to Hiroshi Shimosaki, financial problems were the main cause of the series' cancellation, in addition to the resignation of Kiyoshi Watanabe (producer).

None of the episodes have been made publicly available, without even any mirror online despite its retransmissions up until 1990.

The only still-accessible material in the series is an opening uploaded by Masami Jun and articles in newspapers at the time. And the ending theme for the show has also been found.


# Original Title English Translation Status
1 かわいいあの子 Cute Girl Lost
2 ココのケーキやさん Coco's Cake Lost
3 わたしはデザイナー I'm a Designer Lost
4 わすれられないひと Someone Who Can't Be Forgotten Lost
5 泣きたい時は泣こう Cry When You Want to Cry Lost
6 チャンス到来 A Chance is Coming Lost
7 いじわるなファッションショー A Mean Fashion Show Lost
8 もう一度さようなら Goodbye Again Lost
9 ピンチだアタック! Pinch, Attack! Lost
10 もう子どもじゃない I'm Not a Child Anymore Lost
11 じゃまをするなら変身作戦 Makeover Strategy Lost
12 母をたずねて日本へ Visiting Mother in Japan Lost
13 しあわせは京都からパリへ Happiness from Kyoto to Paris Lost


Available Material

The opening of the anime series.


SailorGuardianHope's video on the subject.

Marion Bea's video on the subject.


  1. Hokuni Shimbun, September 3, 1972, morning edition, TV column.
  2. Hebei Xinpo, November 5, 1972 - November 26, 1972, morning newspaper, TV column.

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