Mr. Bogus (partially lost animated TV series; 1991-1993)

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Mr bogus.jpg

Portuguese cover of a VHS release.

Status: Partially Lost

Mr. Bogus is an American animated TV series originally aired in September 1991 until November 1993. It had three seasons and had 43 episodes total.

The show was based on a series of over 300 French/Belgian claymation shorts called Bogus from 1987,[1] of which around 42 were inserted in the 1991 American series proper as transitional skits.

Premise[edit | edit source]

Mr. Bogus is a tiny yellow gremlin-like creature who lives between the walls of a normal suburban house. He likes to play with common household objects and tends to get involved in trouble, but he is a good-natured person and tries to help others too, usually the humans of his environment who are unaware of his existence.

Mr. Bogus alternates from interacting with the real human world, where his main enemies tend to be animals such as a villainous rat and his simple-minded mole henchman, and going to his own bizarre world, Bogusland, inhabited with creatures of his own species.

Episode List and Status[edit | edit source]

This animated series didn't have a proper re-release after it finished being re-aired on TV in English. It had a few VHS releases in miscellaneous foreign countries, but most episodes that are available online come from personal recordings.

# English Title Status (English) Status (Foreign) Notes
1 Meet Mr. Bogus Found Found
2 Class Clown Bogus Found Found
3 A Day At The Office Lost Found
4 Et Tu, Brattus? Lost Found
5 Shop Around The Clock Found Found
6 Beach Blanket Bogus Found Found
7 Bogus in Wilderland Found Found
8 No Snooze is Good News Found Found
9 Hipster Tripster Found Found
10 Museum Madness Found Found
11 Lights, Camera, Bogus Found Found
12 Bogus in Bogus Land Lost Found
13 Good Sport Bogus Found Found
14 Computer Intruder Found Found
15 Babysitting Bogus Found Found
16 Bogunda, Bogetta & Bogus Found Found
17 Bookstore Bogus Found Found
18 Bad Luck Bogus Found Found
19 Totally Bogus Video Lost Found
20 Bogus Private Eye Lost Found
21 Bogus to the Rescue Found Found
22 Mr. Bogus' Sci-Fi Fest Found Found
23 Terror Tot in Bogusland Lost Found
24 Roam Away From Home Lost Found
25 Bugboy Bogus Lost Found
26 Springtime for Bogus Lost Found
27 Nightmare on Bogus Street Lost Found
28 B-TV Lost Found
29 Waterboy Bogus Lost Found
30 Kung Fu Camp Out Lost Found
31 Battle Action Bogus Lost Found
32 Secret Agent Bogus Lost Found
33 Super Bogus Flies Again Lost Found
34 Is There A Bogus In The House? Lost Found
35 The Bogus Invasion Lost Found
36 Fun Park Follies Lost Found
37 Buff-Tuff Bogie Lost Found
38 Once Upon A Bogus Time Lost Found
39 Brainy Bogus Lost Found
40 Mega Star Madness Lost Found
41 Totally Bogus Daydream Lost Found
42 Baseball Bogie Lost Found
43 Hospital Play Lost Lost

Many episodes have been recovered, but are only available in a foreign dub ranging from Portuguese, Greek, Russian, French and Serbo-Croatian.

As of October 2021, 42 episodes out of 43 have been shared online. This includes 13 episodes in its original English, 42 episodes in a non-English dub and the one episode is fully lost.

Found Episodes[edit | edit source]

Season 1[edit | edit source]

Episode 1: Meet Mr. Bogus
Episode 2: Class Clown Bogus
Episode 3: A Day At The Office (foreign dub)
Episode 4: Et Tu, Brattus? (foreign dub)
Episode 5: Shop Around The Clock
Episode 6: Beach Blanket Bogus
Episode 7: Bogus in Wilderland
Episode 8: No Snooze is Good News
Episode 9: Hipster Tripster
Episode 10: Museum Madness
Episode 11: Lights, Camera, Bogus
Episode 12: Bogus In Bogus Land (foreign dub)
Episode 13: Good Sport Bogus

Season 2[edit | edit source]

Episode 14: Computer Intruder (foreign dub)
Episode 15: Babysitting Bogus
Episode 16: Bogunda, Bogetta & Bogus (foreign dub)
Episode 17: Bookstore Bogus (foreign dub)
Episode 18: Bad Luck Bogus (foreign dub)
Episode 19: Totally Bogus Video (foreign dub)
Episode 20: Bogus Private Eye (foreign dub)
Episode 21: Bogus to the Rescue
Episode 22: Mr. Bogus' Sci-Fi Fest
Episode 23: Terror Tot in Bogusland (Latin Spanish dub)
Episode 24: Roam Away From Home (Latin Spanish dub)
Episode 25: Bugboy Bogus (Latin Spanish dub)
Episode 26: Springtime with Bogus (Latin Spanish dub)

Season 3[edit | edit source]

Episode 27: Nightmare on Bogus Street (Latin Spanish dub)
Episode 28: B-TV (Serbo-Croatian dub)
Episode 29: Waterboy Bogus (Serbo-Croatian dub)
Episode 30: Kung Fu Camp Out (Latin Spanish dub)
Episode 31: Battle Action Bogus (Russian dub)
Episode 32: Secret Agent Bogus (Latin Spanish dub)
Episode 33: Super Bogus Flies Again (Latin Spanish dub)
Episode 34: Is There A Bogus In The House? (Russian dub)
Episode 35: Bogus Invasion (Latin Spanish dub)
Episode 36: Fun Park Follies (Latin Spanish dub)
Episode 37: Buff-Tuff Bogie (Latin Spanish dub)
Episode 38: Once Upon A Bogus Time (Latin Spanish dub)
Episode 39: Brainy Bogus (Latin Spanish dub)
Episode 40: Mega Star Madness (Latin Spanish dub)
Episode 41: Totally Bogus Daydream (Russian dub)
Episode 42: Baseball Bogie (Latin Spanish dub)

Miscellaneous Videos[edit | edit source]

Compilation of the first five episodes dubbed in French (warning, contains static).
A PSA using footage of the show, KPTV Portland.

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Reference[edit | edit source]

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