Nas ft. Puff Daddy "Hate Me Now" (lost uncut version of music video; 1999)

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Hate Me Now Uncut Still.jpg

A still from the uncut video.

Status: Lost

In early 1999, a music video directed by Hype Williams was produced for Nas' single "Hate Me Now", featuring Puff Daddy. The video gained controversy for its depiction of the two rappers being crucified among other things.

Before the video aired, Puff Daddy, being a devout Catholic, spoke to his priest and decided that he wanted his crucifixion scene cut from the video. However, when it aired on Total Request Live on April 15, 1999, the original cut was accidentally shown, and within minutes, Puff Daddy had burst into the office of Steve Stoute (Nas' manager) with several bodyguards and struck Stoute over the head with a champagne bottle, allegedly taking the master tape afterward. This led to a lawsuit being filed against Puff Daddy by Stoute that it was later settled out of court.[1]

Apart from a single still of Puff Daddy on the cross,[2] the original cut of the video hasn't been seen since, and unless someone watching happened to tape it, it's unlikely to ever be released.


"Hate Me Now" music video (cut version)