Opus 'n Bill (found original build of Death Toasters screensaver; 1993)

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Opus n bill screensaver.png

The loading screen used before the screensaver starts up.

Status: Found

Date found: 28 Apr 2016

Found by: Scaryfun

In 1993, one of Delrina's screensaver products was based on the licensed Bloom County characters Opus the Penguin and Bill the Cat. The initial Opus 'n Bill: Brain Saver screensaver, launched in 1993, landed the company in court as its Death Toasters module depicted Opus taking shots at a number of flying toasters, a well-known emblem in Berkeley System's Flying Toasters module from their After Dark screensaver. The infamous screensaver featured wings on its toasters rather than helicopter blades, making it similar to the Flying Toasters screensaver from the original After Dark.

Due to the lawsuit regarding Delrina and Berkeley Systems, most copies of the Opus 'n Bill screensaver only feature the Death Toasters screensaver with helicopter blades on it. However, it was unknown if the initial copies of the screensaver were either archived or saved or were even still available.

On April 28th, 2016, an Adventure Legends user named Scaryfun uploaded a supposed demo of the Windows version of Brain Saver with the original Death Toasters screensaver in it. The Intermission executable (which must be on an old Windows OS to run on) is needed to run the screensaver.


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