Pop'n Pop (found PC port of puzzle game; 2000)

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Front game box.

Status: Found

Date found: 25 Nov 2017

Found by: Tatsumi

Pop'n Pop is a single/multiplayer puzzle game developed by Taito, published in Japan by CyberFront, and published in Europe by Vektorlogic for Windows in 2000. This is an officially licensed port by Taito, ported over to Windows by Dreams. It is a slightly stripped-down version of the PlayStation version, with two game modes missing, and the three unlockable characters missing.


The game plays similarly to Puzzle Bobble (Bust-A-Move in the USA): burst all the bubbles by matching 3 of the same kind, but the balloons can be thrown vertically only, and the targets to shoot at move left to right and vice versa.

Available options include:

  • Story Mode (1 Player with advancing difficulty)
  • 1 Player vs Computer
  • Player vs Player
  • Challenge Mode (Test yourself on your skill)

PC Requirements

  • Pentium 166mhz or greater
  • 32 MB of RAM
  • Windows 95/98/NT 4.0
  • Soundblaster Compatible Sound Card
  • DirectX-compatible GPU
  • 40 MB of HD Space Available


The English version is considered extremely rare (most probably due to low production numbers and/or bad sales) and despite being listed on Amazon UK[1], the official publisher page[2] disappeared long ago, and that version couldn't be bought commercially or downloaded online until November 25th, 2017, when user Tatsumi uploaded it onto Zippyshare. The Japanese version, however, is easier to get ahold of and has a listing on Amazon Japan.[3]

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