Pou Eye Doctor (lost bootleg Android mobile game; 2013)

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Title screen of Pou Eye Doctor.

Status: Lost

Pou Eye Doctor was a mobile casual game released around 2013 by independent developer Belanl Peter and published on Google Play.[1] It is considered a bootleg of the 2012 virtual pet game Pou. The game was soon removed for unknown reasons, the possible reason for this was due to copyright infringement towards Pou, since during that time Zakeh Limited (the developers of Pou) were removing games from the Play Store that used the game's character.


Judging from the Google Play description, the title and the remaining screenshots of the game, it functioned like health-caring Flash games, just except the patient was a poorly made Pou with eyeglasses. The game probably consisted of taking care of the Pou's eyes.


Although the game had over 500,000 downloads on Google Play, it wasn't archived, since it has no gameplay footage or download files as of April 2024. Although the Wayback Machine link to the game on Google Play is available, the download button is unclickable. The only material left of the game are three screenshots visible on the Wayback Machine link, and the email address of the game's creator, Belanl Peter (petersenb439@gmail.com), which is linked on the Wayback Machine link.

There is also a Flash game that uses the same assets that Pou Eye Doctor used, however, it was developed by another developer (JocuriKids) and has a different title: Pou Wearing Glasses.[2] Although it is unknown if Pou Eye Doctor has the same gameplay as Pou Wearing Glasses.



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