ProStars (partially lost animated series; 1991)

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Prostars title.jpg

Title card.

Status: Partially Lost

ProStars is a short-lived American-Canadian Saturday morning cartoon, produced by DIC Entertainment and starring Michael Jordan, Bo Jackson, and Wayne Gretzky fighting crime, helping kids, and protecting the environment. It aired from September 14th to December 7th, 1991 on NBC for a total of 13 episodes.

Only nine episodes are widely available, seven being recorded from DHX Media's Youtube channel and two more recorded from an officially released DVD.



  1. The Slugger Returns (FOUND)
  2. Short John's Revenge (FOUND)
  3. The Perbots of Dr. Lobe (FOUND)
  4. Knightmare Riders (FOUND)
  5. Valley of the Snow Falcon (FOUND)
  6. Brazil Nuts (FOUND)
  7. Block Busters (FOUND)
  8. Gargantus and the Highway of Doom (FOUND)
  9. Rustler's Rodeo (LOST)
  10. Roll to Victory (FOUND)
  11. A Bite of the Big Apple (LOST)
  12. Clockwork Catastrophe (LOST)
  13. The Final Cut (LOST)