Pudd'nhead Wilson (lost silent film; 1916)

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Still of the film.

Status: Lost

Pudd'nhead Wilson is a lost Paramount Pictures film from 1916. It stars Tommy Meigha, a popular actor of the time, as Tom Driscoll and Alan Hale Senior as Chambers. Lois Wilson stars as the lovely Rowena Tilton, who falls in love with Chambers.


A young Pudd'nhead Wilson is mocked for his obsession with fingerprints. Wilson has fingerprint samples of 2 infants, Tom Driscoll, a white child, and Chambers, the child of a mulatto nurse. Roxanna, Chamber's mother, switches her own baby with young Tom Driscoll, the son of a wealthy man. As a result, the fake Tom Driscoll grows into a spoiled brat who murders his uncle and frames his valet, Chambers, after learning that he has fallen in love with the lovely Rowena Tilton. Pudd'nhead Wilson, the attorney, takes the case and - using fingerprints - clears Chambers name, which leads to the realization that he is the real Tom, ending with him being restored as the rightful Driscoll heir and the false one being brought to jail.

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