Rampoo (partially found anime series; 1984)

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Anime's opening title.
Anime's opening title.
Status Partially Found

Rampoo (らんぽう Ranpou) is a Japanese gag manga created by Masatoshi Uchizaki and serialized in Weekly Shonen Champion magazine from 1978 to 1987, for total of 37 volumes. It is about a short, perverted middle-school boy named Rampoo who goes on crazy misadventures with Chutaro, a talking mouse genius who invents things for the two to mess around with.[1]

A anime series adaptation of Rampoo was aired on April 5, 1984 to September 27, 1984 on Fuji TV, for total of 21 episodes. The production started at Tsuchida Productions and was originally planned to be aired in TV Tokyo in 1983, but it was cancelled due to the change of the organization policy on TV Tokyo side. Captain Tsubasa instead replaced Rampoo and broadcast on TV Tokyo. The production restored after changing the broadcast station to Fuji TV.[2]

The show allegedly received bad ratings because it was airing against a baseball game in some areas. Due to the meager ratings, the last episode was only aired on some stations.


The show was never had a home video release and only few footage of the anime adaptation had resurfaced online.


The first half of the first episode.
Episode 11.


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