Rockman.EXE (lost Singaporean English dub of anime series; 2005)

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Promotional art.

Status: Lost

Rockman.EXE is an anime series based on the Rockman video game franchise by Capcom. The show was produced by Xebec and aired for 56 episodes on TV Tokyo between March 2002 and March 2003. It spawned followup seasons and a theatrical film. In North America, Viz Media licensed the series and funded an English dub of the first two seasons by the Vancouver-based Ocean Productions under the name Mega Man NT Warrior between 2003 and 2005.

A separate English dub was created for the Asian market. Produced in Singapore by Voiceovers Unlimited, the series debuted locally on Kids Central in September 2005 and on an unknown Malaysian channel.[1][2][3] It starred Chio Su-Ping, Christian J. Lee, Jamie Meldrum, and Denise Tan.[4][5] It's not known how many episodes were produced.

The series was allegedly released on VCD, including in Malaysia by PMP Entertainment.[Notes 1] However, these releases have long gone out of print and are not easy to obtain. No footage of this dub is available online.


  • Chio Su-Ping - Netto Hikari, Rockman
  • Jamie Meldrum - Dekao, Masa, Commander Beef, Dr. Wily, Gutsman, Mr. Higure, Numberman
  • Denise Tan - Meiru, Roll



  1. Yes-Asia's listing for the first Malaysian VCD set claims it contains both English and Mandarin voice tracks. However, for the second set they list the audio options as Japanese and Mandarin. PMP Entertainment's website has a listing for the second VCD release, which states it has Korean and Mandarin voice tracks.


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