Royal Family (partially found British documentary; 1969)

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Title card for the documentary.

Status: Partially Found

Royal Family was a 1969 British documentary about Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, and the general royal family. For the very first time, cameras were allowed to capture conversations and the intimacy of the family in their daily routines and life.

The documentary, shot through 18 months, aired twice in England and once in Australia. It hasn't been shown since due to a request from the royal family itself, who considered that a documentary that portrayed them as normal people a mistake.

Until recently, only a very brief black and white preview have been known to be available. In 2011, ninety seconds of color footage was broadcast as part of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. While the original footage and outtakes are still preserved and stored away at an undisclosed location, no further footage is known to have been made available.



The color footage that was been re-released in 2011.