Sesame Street "Gymnast Segments" (found segments of children's educational TV series; 1973)

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Still from the Around segment

Status: Found

Date found: 1 Jan '23

Found by: YoshiKiller2S and Anonymous

The Gymnast segments are a series of segments from Sesame Street that include a female gymnast (with blonde hair and wearing a black leotard) demonstrating various concepts using various gym apparatuses - like pommel horses and uneven bars - in a darkened, nondescript location.

Availability[edit | edit source]

Two of the eight inserts featuring this gymnast - Around[1] and Between[2] - have resurfaced on YouTube. But the remaining six wouldn't surface until New Year's Day 2023.

List[edit | edit source]

# Segment Title First Appearance Status Description
1 Around Episode 0517 Found She swings on a rope around a pommel horse.
2 Between Episode 0542 Found She swings on a rope between two pommel horses.
3 Beginning/End Episode 0532 Found She performs an uneven bars routine.
4 Close To/Away From Episode 0513 Found She repeatedly swings on a pair of rings - to and from the viewer.
5 On/Off Episode 0526 Found She mounts a balance beam, dismounts it, then repeats everything in fast motion.
6 Over/Under Episode 0517 Found She vaults over one pommel horse, rolls under another one, then repeats everything in slow motion.
7 Slow Episode 0507 Found She performs an uneven bars routine in slow motion.
8 Up/Down Episode 0526 Found She repeatedly jumps up and down on a trampoline.

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Gymnast segments.

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