Shtoing Circus (found French animated TV series; 2003)

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Title card.

Status: Found

Date found: 2020

Found by: Amazon Prime France

Shtoing Circus was a 2003 French animated series about a flea circus. It was the last TV series to be produced by Praxinos before their closure in March 2004. Although it is on DVD and currently reruns on the French IPTV network GONG, full episodes of the series are nowhere to be found. Clips from 18 of the first 22 episodes (among them being the opening and closing sequences) and a Gong promo are on the internet. The series had DVD releases in France and Canada. The French DVD has long since gone out of print and copies of it are hard to find; while the Canadian DVD was released to the Quebecois market.

The French Canadian DVD has the first ten episodes out of 52, and the European French voice acting was kept.

In 2020, the full series was added to Amazon Prime France, making the full series available to be watched via Amazon Prime.

Episode List

Episode Title Status
T'as de belles ailes, tu sais Found
Le Macchupishtoing Found
Le Yétong Found
Shtoing la Lune Found
La belle et le bête Found
Zamki dame le morpion Found
Des fourmis dans les pattes Found
Du riffishtoing sur la place Rouge Found
Le retour de la bébête Found
Plus Shtoing sera la chute! Found
Touffu mon amour Found
Zerbalina in Love Found
Une puce de fer Found
Minoï a un grain de riz Found
Happy Birthday Minoi Found
Le polnôros Found
La guerre des Shtoings Found
C'est la fin du monde Found
Jeux de Shtoings Found
Apocalypse Shtoing Found
Le cil de Violetta Found
La Bastoing Found
Spartashtoing Found
Pour les beaux yeux de Violetta Found
Les Shtoinguivores Found
Rosetto Found
Kokosh Supershtoing Found
Un casting d'enfer Found
Tant va le Shtoing à l'eau Found
Pipa Tampolinos Found
100% Biscottos Found
Ils ont les Shtoings Found
La poupée Vaudoing Found
Ras les Shtoings Found
Shtoing Fu Found
Je veux Zino Found
Un Ketum peut en cacher un autre Found
Longue vie Zerbalina Found
Le grand bourdoing Found
Stépo, le cafard cosmique Found
L'oeuf Kokosh Found
Ruche Hour Found
Le bobo du Stikopon Found
La foire aux monstres Found
Gargouillements Found
La chasse aux Gleues Found
Zino le Grand Found
Zacharie l'acarien d'Acadie Found
Le grand Pikouze Found
One Mulep Show Found
Le streumon poilusque des forêts Found
Alberto & Rodrigo Found

English Dub

An English dub exists under the name of Dinky-Winky Circus. The dub was recorded in England and it only aired on RTÉ in Ireland.[1] It is only available to view if you are a TV program buyer.[2][3]


Shtoing Circus opening.

Shtoing Circus closing.

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