Skinnamarink TV (found children’s show starring Sharon, Lois and Bram; 1997-1999)

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Skinnamarink TV.jpg

The series' logo

Status: Found

Date found: 2023

Found by: Ameba TV

Skinnamarink TV was a preschool children's sketch comedy television series that aired on CBC in Canada and TLC and Discovery Kids in the United States from 1997 to 1999.


The series stars Sharon, Lois and Bram and two new characters C.C. Copycat, a sarcastic blue feline played by Dwayne Adams, and Ella Acapella, a young female elephant, played by Tikka Sherman.

The show mocked the life of an actual television station. It included many skits and musical bits with Sharon, Lois & Bram acting as many different characters. Along with Ella Acapella and C.C. Copycat, Sharon, Lois & Bram operate a fictional TV station called Skinnamarink TV. The name comes from the song Skidamarink which closed the trio's original The Elephant Show.

The wraparounds involved the Big Red Button which does various things to the studio and the group.


The show premiered on TLC on October 27th, 1997[1] and it ran until February 21st, 2003[2] and on CBC on October 24th, 1997[3] until 2003.[4] The show also aired on Discovery Kids from September 7th, 1998[5] until February 21, 2003[6] in the United States due to Ready Set Learn rebranding.


The show has had a few DVD and VHS releases in 2001[7] and 2006.[8]


In 2023, the Canadian subscription streaming service, Ameba TV, uploaded the whole series in their catalog for $3.99[9].

Episode List

Note: The full series was uploaded to Google Drive by LMW Discord user, cirrus, on February 2nd, 2024.

# Episode Status
1 Giving Found
2 Cooperation Found
3 Sounds Found
4 Lost & Found Found
5 Clean Found
6 Fast & Slow Found
7 Sleep Found
8 Smell Found
9 Courage Found
10 Growing Found
11 Friendship Found
12 Nonsense Found
13 Healthy Body Found
14 Rhythm Found
15 Moods Found
16 Chickens Found
17 Hot & Cold Found
18 Places Found
19 Pretending Found
20 Fun Found
21 Love Found
22 Numbers Found
23 Colors & Shapes Found
24 Big & Small Found
25 Body Check Found
26 Communication Found
27 Accepting Differences Found
28 Trains, Planes, Boats & Feet Found
29 Jobs, Jobs, Jobs Found
30 Thoughts for Food Found
31 City vs. Country Found
32 The Name Game Found
33 Imagination Found
34 How Things Work Found
35 Families Found
36 In & Outdoors Found
37 Dancing Feet Found
38 Feel Good About Yourself Found
39 Birds & Bees Found
40 Up & Down Found
41 Seasons Found
42 Time Travelers Found
43 Magic Found
44 Dressing Up Found
45 Melody Makers Found
46 Morning & Night Found
47 Sickness & Health Found
48 Over & Under Found
49 Rhyme Found
50 Neighborhood Found
51 Is Everybody Happy? Found
52 Good Times & Bad Found


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