Stories from Birdvillage (partially found direct-to-video animations; 2002)

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VHS cover.

Status: Partially Found

Stories from Birdvillage is a VHS made sometime in 2002, containing 3 animations made by Scott Cawthon (widely known for his video game series, Five Nights at Freddy's). These animations centered around a group of birds named Beak, Sea Bill, Stork and Camo, who would go on wild adventures. The segments had to do with travelling to the moon (presumably, Beak's Vacation), fighting giant snowball-blasting robots (Beak's Snowball Fight), and travelling through time (presumably, Birdvillage: The Movie).


Very little info can be found on these animations, as they are very obscure. As of now, only one of these segments was found; Beak's Snowball Fight, which was released as a bonus feature on Return to Mushsnail, another one of Scott Cawthon's animations. The only info about the other 2 segments is that they had to do with going to the moon and traveling through time. It is currently unknown if anybody ever bought this VHS. The most obscure of the Birdvillage videos, however, is Birdvillage: Second Nest. It is assumed to be the sequel to Birdvillage: The Movie. The only reference of it that has ever been found was on Scott Cawthon's website under his sample works


# Segment Length (in minutes) Status
1 Beak's Vacation 15 Lost
2 Beak's Snowball Fight 15 Found
3 Birdvillage: The Movie 45 Lost
3 Birdvillage: Second Nest Unknown Lost