Student Rick (lost demo tape from American band; 2000)

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A photo of the demo tape.

Status: Lost

Student Rick was a band that formed in South Bend, Indiana in 1998 by Adam Reiter, Brett Jones, Allan Adams, and Bryce Dudka. In April of 2000 they recorded their untitled demo tape in hopes to attract labels to sign them. Although not a lot is known of the early days of the band or the demo, archived fan sites and the now unavailable official band site have had information about the demo tape. It is the only Student Rick release to feature forming members Adams and Dudka.

The demo in it's entirety have once been on some sites, although these are all no longer available. However, there are 2 tracks from the demo available on a lost media archived site. The tracks are "Yesterday" and "Anniversary".

The tracklist, and demo lyrics are also available through archives after extensive searching. The official cover has not been leaked on the internet, which has lead some to believe there never was one. However, the CD image itself was uploaded and was used to represent the demo by a now defunct fan site in 2002.

It is unknown who has a copy of this demo tape, but as of 2014, only two of the six songs have resurfaced on the internet. The band signed to Victory Records in 2001 and released their debut album Soundtrack for a Generation the same year.[1]


The info on the demo (including the tracklist) was once available on a Student Rick fan site which is now no longer existent. On the discography page, it lists all known released by the band including the first demo tape. The image of the disc also contains the songs on the demo tape.

The demo's tracklist includes:

  • "Judgemental"
  • "Can You See"
  • "Empty Promises"
  • "Anniversary"
  • "Yesterday"
  • "Slowly"


In 2001, when Student Rick released their debut EP "The Winter Tour EP" also known as "Every Child Needs A Hero", they posted the lyrics to all their songs on their website which had it's home on


Although these are now unavailable today, they can be accessed through archive machines. The songs themselves however, cannot. It is unknown if they will turn up in the future.



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