Stupid! (found CBBC TV show; 2004-2007)

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The "annoying" purple butler, Goober.

Status: Found

Date found: 22 Sept 2018

Found by: Classic New CBBC

Stupid! was a television show that first aired on the CBBC Channel but was later re-ran on BBC One.[1] The show consisted of random people and kids doing ridiculous activities (e.g., Devil finger, Jeff the Chef, etc.). The show was hosted by King Stupid (played by Marcus Brigstocke in Series 1, and Phil Cornwell in Series 2), who is the overlord of stupid. His jobs more difficult because of the annoying purple butler, Goober (played by Rusty Goffe)


The show consisted of 20 episodes in total, 10 in each season from May 13th, 2004, to July 18th, 2007. BBC didn't release any of these episodes on DVD or IPlayer and didn't re-run them on CBBC. Due to this, episodes of the show were initially very difficult to find online. Still, over the course of eleven months between October 2017 and September 2018, all the episodes were uploaded to YouTube by YouTuber Classic New CBBC.


Series 1 (2004)

# Episode Title Air Date Status
1 This Is Us May 13th, 2004 Found
2 Human Food May 20th, 2004 Found
3 Love Stupidly May 27th, 2004 Found
4 Poorly Goober Jun 3rd, 2004 Found
5 Goober's Bath Jun 10th, 2004 Found
6 The Invisible Pet Dragon Jun 17th, 2004 Found
7 Holiday Jun 24th, 2004 Found
8 Queen Sensible Jul 1st, 2004 Found
9 The Anniversary Jul 7th, 2004 Found
10 Fiends Reunited Jul 14th, 2004 Found

Series 2 (2006-2007)

# Episode Title Air Date Status
1 Virtual Stupidity May 17th, 2006 Found
2 Wonderful To See (The Back Of You) May 24th, 2006 Found
3 We've Got A Boggart May 31st, 2006 Found
4 Rory Grue Jun 7th, 2007 Found
5 A Picture Of King Stupid Jun 13th, 2007 Found
6 Count Cruel Calls Jun 20th, 2007 Found
7 Chupacabra Jun 27th, 2007 Found
8 Gremlin Swap Jul 4th, 2007 Found
9 Fame On You Jul 11th, 2007 Found
10 Judith Jul 18th, 2007 Found


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