The Brady Bunch Meet ABC's Saturday Superstars (lost Saturday Morning Cartoons preview; 1972)

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Brady Bunch ABC Superstars 1.jpg

Toulouse Lautrec (played by Billy Barty; right) introduces Horatio J. HooDoo (played by Charles Nelson Reilly) and the Brady Kids.

Status: Lost

The Brady Bunch Meet ABC's Saturday Superstars is a fall 1972 Saturday morning cartoons preview special in which the kids from the classic sitcom The Brady Bunch visit ABC-TV studios and meet the guest star Horatio J. HooDoo from the early 1970's Sid & Marty Krofft children series, Lidsville, and preview the then-new Saturday Morning Cartoons on ABC the Friday night before their premiere the next morning. The special aired in September 15, 1972 on ABC.[1]

ABC previously produced The Brady Bunch special The Brady Bunch Visits ABC which was aired a year earlier that was also lost. Only a few stills and newspaper ads have survived and no videos or other information on it have surfaced.



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