The Cube (partially found unaired U.S. game show pilot; 2010)

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The show's title card.

Status: Partially Found

The Cube is a popular British game show, that first aired in late 2009, on ITV. Its setup was very similar to Minute to Win It, wherein every episode, one contestant would try to finish a series of challenges, using common household objects, and gradually win more money. It was a huge hit, when it was released and received many awards and international versions.

A U.S. pilot for the show was made for CBS sometime in early 2010 with Neil Patrick Harris, as the host,[1] but it was never picked up and consequently, never aired.

The only existing footage of this pilot is part of the show's intro, where Neil asks if "you have what it takes to beat The Cube" which can be found below. Other than that, the only other information available from the pilot is that the top prize was $500,000.


The clip.

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