The Gods of Olympus (partially found English dub of "Les Dieux de l'Olympe" animated series; 1998)

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Les Dieux de l'Olympe logo.

Status: Partially Found

The Gods of Olympus (Known as Les Dieux de l'Olympe in French) is a 1998 comedy-fantasy French animated series based on the graphic novels by Nadja. Produced by Rooster Studio, Vidéomage, Carrere Television, and animated by Animated Enterprises Hong Kong (ASHK), for Canal+. 26 episodes were produced with a runtime of 13 minutes.[1][2]

The show takes inspiration from Greek mythology but with a modern comedic twist, telling stories of the inhabitants of ancient Greece, their gods, and their demigods. The characters are distinctively stylized, with long dolphin-like noses.


It’s unknown if the original graphic novels were ever translated into English and localized outside of France, due to the constant nudity and sexual references in them. The TV series cuts down on those themes, though the female characters are shown with visible cleavage, and also in bikinis in the beach scenes.

The original French-language series is available to watch officially on Amazon Prime.[3] and some episodes were uploaded to YouTube.[4]There is apparently an English dub but there was no information or uploads on the web about it prior to this article's creation, and it's unknown if it aired in any English-speaking territories or what channels it aired on. A Reddit user recalls watching the cartoon on Canada's Teletoon back in 1999 but had forgotten the name of it.[5]

YouTube user MIXXPOST has been uploading episodes of the series, but is currently unknown how they came into their possession.[6]


# French Title Status
1 Héphaïstos Found
2 Le destin d'Arachnée Found
3 Erysichton Found
4 Apollon et Daphnée Found
5 Les Aloades Found
6 Danaë Found
7 Persée L Found
8 Persée et Andromède Found
9 Io Found
10 Coré Lost
11 Adonis Lost
12 Eros et psyché Lost
13 Prométhée Lost
14 Dyonisos Lost
15 Aphrodite et Arès Lost
16 Pygmalion Lost
17 Narcisse Lost
18 Pâris Lost
19 Le Minotaure Lost
20 Alcyone et Ceyx Lost
21 Caenée et Caenis Lost
22 Sisyphe Lost
23 Ixion Lost
24 Bellerophon Lost
25 Admète Lost
26 La révolte d'Héra Lost