The Lady of All Nations (lost Philippine prayer interstitial; existence unconfirmed; early 2000s)

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The Lady of All Nations.

Status: Existence Unconfirmed

The Lady of All Nations is a Catholic Marian title sometimes associated with apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary to Ida Peerdeman of Amsterdam, Netherlands. Peerdeman claimed to have received 56 visions of the Lady from 1945 to 1959.[1]


The commercial starts with the voice-over praying:

"Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Father, send down Your Spirit over the earth. Let Your Holy Spirit live in the hearts of all nations, that they may be preserved, from degeneration, disaster and war. May the lady of all nations who once was Mary be our advocate. Amen."

One part of the commercial showing the images of a following: the Apostles's creed with the close-up of Jesus, a full image of The Lady followed by a close-up of her face which pans from the left side, then an image of Immaculate Heart of Mary, and lastly the close-up image of a candlelight. There is said to be another variant, which was aired on ANC, where The Lady is shown against the white background.[2]


The copy of this commercial is considerably lost. According to the viewers, it was aired on ANC, RPN-9, IBC-13, and PTV-4 in early 2000s. It was said to be aired before the sign off.[2] It is unclear who produced this prayer commercial.

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