The Life And Adventures Of Santa Claus (partially found anime series based on L. Frank Baum's novel; 1996)

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HD Still taken from the opening.

Status: Partially Found

The Life and Adventures Of Santa Claus, or Shōnen Santa no Daibōken, is a 1996 Japanese anime series based on the children's novel of the same name written by L. Frank Baum, who also wrote Land of Oz series. The anime "tells the story of Santa Claus as a child and youth before becoming the world-renowned saint of Christmas." It aired from April 6th to September 21st, 1996 on the Tokyo Broadcasting System. It ran for 24 episodes[1] It was produced by Studio DEEN and directed by Yuji Moto. [2]

Opening & Ending

Only the anime's opening has been found on YouTube, uploaded by Cloakbass who took it from Billibilli. It was uploaded to Billibilli by 猪肉面 who took it from Tudou. The identity of Tudou's uploader remains a mystery, as the original upload on Tudou seems lost. 猪肉面 states that they looked everywhere for the anime but could not find it in the video's description. [3] An advertisement for Takako Okamura's album is also at the end of the upload, suggesting that it was taken from a VHS recording of a broadcast while it was airing.

The opening is called いつも心に太陽を or "Itsumo Kokoro ni Taiyō" by Takako Okamura. The title translates to "The Sun Is Always In Your Heart." A full version of the opening song was released on her eleventh album BRAND-NEW. [4]

While Takako Okamura did the lyrics, composition, and performance, Shinji Ebihara arranged the theme song. [2]

The ending song is titled 愛という名の翼 or Ai to iu Na no Tsubasa [2], which translates to "Wings Called Love" [5] also by Takako Okamura [4] which also has a full version on BRAND-NEW. Footage of the actual ending remains lost. This would also be the first time Takako Okamura's music was used in anime.

Information on DVD release

Jay, writer of The Royal Blog of Oz, made a blog post claiming to have found a high-quality DVD copy, potentially officially released. They go on to detail several plot elements in the series new to this adaptation, such as a rich boy wanting to buy a cat character named Blinkie and a mysterious figure who may or may not be Claus’s biological father. They also mention a battle over the Mantle of the Immortals, and new characters not present in the book. There is a potential English dub mentioned in the post, but its existence remains unconfirmed due to lack of solid proof. [6]

In The Wonderful Blog Of Oz, it is written that compared to the book, Claus and his cat can actually talk to each other and that there is a girl named Mari who is completely original to the anime. She has "lots of enthusiasm", "a bit of a temper and probably a crush on Claus." She also colors the toys Claus makes and helps him on his adventures. [7] mentioned this series in a blog post about international Christmas Specials. They mention that Claus remains a child for most of the anime, in contrast to the book where "Claus grew up, mostly as a young adult and adult, until he became Santa Claus as an old man." [8]

Episode List

# Episode Title Translation[5] Air Date Status
1 サンタクロースの生まれた森 The Birth Forest of Santa Claus Apr 6, 1996 Lost
2 しのびよる黒い影 Lurking Shadows Apr 13, 1996 Lost
3 動物たちが大暴れ The Animals are Rampaging Apr 20, 1996 Lost
4 はじめての旅 First Journey Apr 27, 1996 Lost
5 さよならバージーの森 Farewell, Forest of Burzee May 4, 1996 Lost
6 笑いの谷のクロース Claus and the Laughing Valley May 11, 1996 Lost
7 はじめての友達 First Friends May 18, 1996 Lost
8 クロースは魔法使い? Claus the Magician? May 25, 1996 Lost
9 おばけの谷大作戦 The Ghost Valley Strategy Jun 1, 1996 Lost
10 嵐を呼ぶゴブリン The Goblin Which Calls the Storm Jun 6, 1996 Lost
11 ブリンキーを助け出せ! Rescuing Blinkie! Jun 15, 1996 Lost
12 はじめてのプレゼント First Present Jun 22, 1996 Lost
13 ライオンのオモチャ Lion's Toy Jun 29, 1996 Lost
14 真実の山 The Mountain of Truth Jul 6, 1996 Lost
15 プレゼントの重み Weight of a Present Jul 13, 1996 Lost
16 悪の影オーグワ Awgwas, the Dark Shadows Jul 27, 1996 Lost
17 霧の森の奇跡 Miracle of the Mist Forest Aug 3, 1996 Lost
18 オーグワの復讐 Revenge of Awgwas Aug 10, 1996 Lost
19 光と闇の大戦争 War of Light and Darkness Aug 17, 1996 Lost
20 輝け! 光の心 Shine! Hearts of Light Aug 24, 1996 Lost
21 最初のクリスマスツリー The First Christmas Tree Aug 31, 1996 Lost
22 森の支配者と海の支配者 Rulers of the Forest and Seas Sep 7, 1996 Lost
23 サンタクロース誕生 Birth of Santa Claus Sep 14, 1996 Lost
24 さよならサンタクロース Farewell, Santa Claus Sep 21, 1996 Lost




The opening of Life and Adventures of Santa Claus.