The Munsters "My Fair Munster" (found unaired second pitch pilot of CBS sitcom series; 1964)

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My fair munster second pilot 1.jpg

One of six screenshots of the second pilot version of "My Fair Munster," taken from America's First Family of Fright.

Status: Found

Date found: 14 Jun 2017

Found by: Snowpeck

The Munsters was an American sitcom that aired on CBS from September 24th, 1964, to May 12th, 1966. Following the green lighting of the show by CBS in February 1964, but before the show hit the airwaves, two pitch pilots were produced, both of which were later adapted as the second episode "My Fair Munster" (which was originally intended to be called "Love Thy Monster"). The first pilot is available as a bonus feature on The Munsters season one DVDs, first released in 2004.

Little is known currently about the second pilot, even though it was the first piece of Munster-related media to feature the entire original cast of the eventual series (including Beverley Owen, who was later replaced by Pat Priest for the role of Marilyn after 13 episodes) and the first to be filmed in black and white like the entirety of the eventual series (unlike the first pilot, which was filmed in color, the switch to black and white was largely due to budget constraints with both CBS and the show's co-producer, Universal Studios, but it was also done to imitate the style of Universal's successful horror-film lineup in the 1930s, which provided the basis for most of the main characters of the show).

Before 2017, only a 31-second clip of the second pilot had resurfaced in the 2002 A&E documentary America's First Family of Fright, included as a bonus feature on The Munsters season two DVD releases.

At least one difference from the aired version is that Eddie's hairstyle was more "normal" as a result of forced reshoots of several scenes.


Video mirror of the pilot.


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