The Muppets Present (lost cancelled remake of "The Muppet Show"; early 2000s)

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Picture from the pilot of Kermit realizing he's naked.

Status: Lost

According to an article entitled Licensing Roundup,[1] a new series featuring the Muppets called The Muppets Present (though some sources claimed it was called The All-New Muppet Show) was in production and set to launch on FOX around 2001. A press release[2] by The Muppets to promote the anniversary of The Muppet Show suggested an international release in 2002.


The press release stated that it would include new Muppet characters alongside older ones, and though a different press release[3] refutes that it is a "remake" of the original The Muppet Show, it appears to be closer in concept than the then-recent Muppets Tonight, which had failed and did not include many more familiar Muppet characters.[4] Some believe the failure of the preceding show played a part in the cancellation of The Muppets Present.

One way or another, The Muppets Present was not completed, and soon different Muppet revival projects were being explored, such as the Muppets 2007 presentation pilot which was later reworked into The Muppets.[5]


No other information has been revealed about this iteration of The Muppets or if any episodes were produced for it, though the Muppet Wiki suggests a pitch presentation exists. However, the pilot script was posted online.[6]

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