The Noids (cancelled Domino's Pizza mascot-based animated series; 1988)

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Avoid the noid.jpg

The Noid with the famous Avoid the Noid banner, was commonly used in Domino's ads in the mid-late 1980s.

Status: Lost

The Noids is a cancelled 1988 Saturday morning cartoon based on the "Noid" character featured in the Domino's Pizza commercials in the mid-late 1980's.


The show would have featured a group of Noids, engaged in various situations designed to underscore the characters' inclination to misadventure.[1]

The original Noid character was famously animated in claymation, but it seems improbable that this medium would have been retained for a TV animated series, considering it is very time-consuming and is most likely to have been traditional 2D.


The show was meant to air in the 1988-89 fall schedule on CBS.

However, the project was cancelled amid complaints that it was merely an advertising ploy and unsuitable as a show for children, not unlike Yo! It's the Chester Cheetah Show.

Additionally, the infamous Kenneth Lamar Noid incident, where Noid held up a Domino's restaurant under the assumption the mascot was made to specifically mock him, has likely sealed the show's fate forever.

No other information on the show has surfaced.