The Original Doll (unreleased Britney Spears album; 2005)

The Original Doll
Fan-made cover art for the unreleased album.
Fan-made cover art for the unreleased album.
Status Lost

The Original Doll (or Original Doll) is an unreleased album by Britney Spears. This album was to be released between the two studio albums In the Zone and Blackout.[1] The album was slated for release in 2005 after being announced under this title during an interview in late 2004.[2]

On 31st December 2004, Britney Spears called staff at KIIS-FM (Burbank, CA) and explained that she had new music she wanted them to play live on the air [3]. Lozano's staff assumed it was a prank call. An hour later, Britney Spears arrived at the studio with her bodyguard, carrying a chihuahua and barefoot. She asked the staff to play the CD, which contained a song called "Mona Lisa". There was a very short, impromptu interview with Britney afterwards which revealed the album's currently-assumed title:[4]

INTERVIEWER: Well thanks for hanging tonight. Good luck with your album. It’s untitled.

BRITNEY SPEARS: It’s probably going to be called Original Doll, so…

I: And it’s half done?

S: Yeah. It’s halfway done right now.

I: Alright, so maybe by the summer? Maybe by the fall?

S: Yeah, yeah maybe a little bit earlier.

After the song and interview were aired, Britney's label Jive Records issued a statement to Billboard stating that “No album is scheduled at the moment, but Britney is in the studio working on some material. There are no plans to service “Mona Lisa” to radio."[5].

While The Original Doll was never released, “Mona Lisa” was eventually remastered and released as a B-side on the Britney & Kevin: Chaotic DVD in September 2005. “Toxic” producers Bloodshy & Avant polished the track with a dark electronic edge. The lyrics of the song were seen as an attempt for Britney to "cut the strings on the pop puppet" she was criticized as being.[6]

The album has not gotten a proper release in its entirety. It's likely that the album will never be released considering Jive Records' attempts to discredit the news of the album and complications around Spears' contract under their label.

Presumed Tracklist

(The following songs were all registered on during early 2005 with Britney as either a writer, performer, or both and are widely accepted to have been for inclusion on the album. Many demos of these tracks have been leaked and are available online.)[7]

  • Mona Lisa
  • Welcome to Me
  • Someday (I Will Understand)
  • Chaotic
  • Money, Love, and Happiness
  • Look Who’s Talking Now
  • Peep Show (this is not the same song as Blackout's Freakshow)
  • Ouch
  • Take Off
  • Like I’m Fallin’
  • Conscience


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