The Pall Bearer's Revue (lost BBC sketch/stand-up comedy show; 1992)

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Pallbearers revue.jpg

Still from the Pall Bearer's Revue with Jerry Sadowitz & Dreenagh Darrell.

Status: Lost

The Pall Bearer's Revue was a BBC comedy show that aired in January 1992, hosted by Scottish comedian Jerry Sadowitz and starring Dreenagh Darrell, it featured various sketches, stand-up performances by Sadowitz as well as Sadowitz's magic tricks.


The Pall Bearer's Revue was comprised of only 5 episodes, and aired on BBC Two from January 6th to February 5th, 1992.

The show was notorious, mostly due to Sadowitz use of Blue and Black Comedy, and despite him toning down his humor (compared to his stand-up), the show set a record number of viewer complaints for the BBC.[1] Because of this, the show was moved to a late-night slot, and has never been re-ran or released on home media.


The show (along with all of Sadowitz's Output), is extremely rare to view online. But, this not due to the BBC removing recordings of the show, but Sadowitz removing them himself. He believes that:
"A very important element of comedy is surprise, and it can often make the difference between a show that works and one that does not".[2]
As a result, any recordings of him performing are taken down within days or even hours of them appearing, making the shows reappearance more challenging than usual.