The PeanutButterGamer Show (partially found YouTube comedy show; 2009)

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Thumbnail of episode 6.

Status: Partially Found

The Peanut Butter Gamer Show was a video game related comedy skit show that was made through 2009 by YouTuber PeanutButterGamer. While two episodes, episode 6 and 9, have been discovered due to archives, at least seven other episodes remain lost.

Episode Names

  • Episode 1: Gamer Rage
  • Episode 2: How to be a Real Gamer
  • Episode 3: Nintendo Thinks You're Stupid
  • Episode 4: Duck Hunt in Real Life
  • Episode 5: NBA Jam-ish
  • Episode 6: Zelda in Real Life
  • Episode 7: Unknown title
  • Episode 8: A PBG Harvest Moon
  • Episode 9: Try not to Have a Sucky Christmas


After the PeanutButterGamer channel became popular, many older videos became unlisted, some became privated, and many got deleted. The PeanutButterGamer Show

A full list of confirmed removed videos can be seen here.

Partial Recovery

While PeanutButterGamer removed all of the episodes from his main channel, he left two episodes on this other channel, "Austin Hargrave". These were quickly discovered and downloaded by many people. An account named "PBG Lost Episodes" was created and housed all of the discovered deleted videos.


PBG Show Episode 6
PBG Show Episode 9

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