Thepersonfromearth (partially found deleted YouTube channel, 2009-2013)

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The thumbnail to "Size of the Universe III."

Status: Partially Found

thepersonfromearth was a YouTube channel originally created in 2009. Not much is known about the identity of the user, oustide of the fact that they most likely live in Europe or Asia, and were estimated to be between the ages of 10-19 when they originally made the channel. In 2013, the channel was deleted off of YouTube, and the user did not re-upload any of their videos to any other website. It is unknown what happened to the original creator that made them delete their channel.

It is known that all of the channel's videos were made with Celestia, a program made by Chris Laurel that lets the user create and travel through a virtual version of the universe. [1]. The videos also used text-to-speech AI instead of a person's voice. In the only known reupload, the IVONA text-to-speech voice named "Eric" is used. [2]. However, "Size of the Universe" episodes I and II, along with the "Journey Through the Universe" videos, used on-screen text, so it's unknown whether this was the only video to use the text-to-speech program.


14 videos are known to exist. All the titles have been identified. Of the videos uploaded on the channel, only one has been recovered.

Video Title Video Status
Earth to Universe in 29 seconds (HD) Lost
Our Solar System Lost
Small Tour of Our Universe Lost
Size of the Universe Lost
Size of the Universe II Lost
Size of the Universe III: "The Deeper Field" Found
Inside a Globular Cluster: NGC 6723 Lost
Inside a Globular Cluster II: Pyxis Lost
Power of Ten Zoom Out Lost
Voyage to Orion Lost
2012 Lost
Scorpious Nebula in Full 3D Lost
Celestia ED - Star Trek Enterprise Lanuch HD Lost
The Universe Home Video (HD) Lost


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