They Might Be Giants: Installing & Servicing Melody (partially lost promotional compilation DVD; 2009)

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Installing back.png

Back of the 'Installing & Servicing Melody' DVD.

Status: Partially Lost

They Might Be Giants is an alternative rock band who debut in 1982. The band was formed by John Flansburgh and John Linnell who originally performed as a sole duo before the inclusion of members Dan Miller, Danny Weinkauf, and Marty Beller. The band, over the years, has done music for children, adults, and television and found success in doing so.


In 2009, a promotional DVD was released by They Might Be Giant's management team, The Hornblow Group. The DVD was titled They Might Be Giants: Installing & Servicing Melody. The DVD contained many of They Might Be Giant's compositions for venues, children, television shows, and commercials with the accompanying video. The DVD seemed to have had a limited release and few collectors seem to own it.

Rare/Lost Material

Much of the material on the DVD is already online, however, not in the best quality. Only one of the contents in high quality have been ripped from the DVD, that being Cartoon Network's Dee Dee & Dexter video.

However, their composition for the Sony Cameras commercials seems to be lost and only on that DVD.

Track Number "A tour of TMBGs Finest Themes and Commercials" Track Titles
1 The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Open and Theme ("Dog on Fire")
2 Malcolm In The Middle Theme ("Boss of Me")
3 Clap Your Hands (for The Gap)
4 Sony Cameras
5 Karate (for Dunkin Donuts)
6 The Drinky Crow Show Theme
7 Older (For ABC's Brave New World) (Listed as "ABC Nightline Brave New World Theme")
8 Yeh Yeh (for Chrysler)
9 Kids Go! (for the PBS Kids Go! campaign)
10 Dee Dee and Dexter (for Cartoon Network)
11 The Oblongs Theme
12 Sony Cameras
13 Courage The Cowardly Dog (for Cartoon Network)
Inside of the DVD case, track list.
Track Number "The Best of the Dunkin Donuts campaign" Track Titles
14 Packing A Ton Of Stuff
15 Sneaking Out
16 Karate
17 Pleather
18 Doing Things
19 Reluctant Moving
20 Get Your 8 Year Old Out of A Tree (Shorter Version)
21 One Billion Degrees
22 All-Night Blow-Out
23 Alarm Clock Catastrophe
24 Pee-Wee Hockey
25 Power Walk
Track Number "They Might Be Giants Venue Songs" Track Titles
26 Dallas (Trees)
27 Albany (The Egg)
28 Los Angeles (West Hollywood House of Blues)
29 Anaheim (Anaheim House of Blues)
30 Vancouver (Richard's on Richards)
31 Pittsburgh (Mr. Small's)
32 Asheville (The Orange Peel)
33 Glasgow (The Garage)
34 Charlottesville (Studio)
35 Asbury Park (Stone Pony)
36 Brooklyn (Celebrate Brooklyn)
37 Goodbye From The Deranged Millionaire
Track Number "Videos for Kids" Track Titles
38 Letter Shapes
39 Seven Days of the Week (I Never Go to Work)
40 Alphabet of Nations
41 Zeros
42 Q U
43 The Ballad of Davy Crockett (In Outer Space)
44 One Dozen Monkeys
45 Alphabet Lost and Found


"Dee Dee & Dexter" video ripped from the DVD, uploaded by youtube user Peter.