Tomska's Oreo Videos (partially found sponsored videos of YouTube channel; 2014)

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The Channel's Logo.

Status: Partially Found

Tomska was a channel created by Thomas Ridgewell on May 30, 2006. The channel mostly consists of comedic and animated skits. Many partnership deals have been made in order to raise money for the channel. One of these deals was with Oreos. Over 4 videos were made but Oreos did not approve of the videos, being unsatisfied with their quality, and as a result have never released.

Oreo Lick Race Version 1

Status: Partially Found

Tomska was asked to do the Oreo Lick race as a partnership deal. So he made the video with Emma Blackery, the video was never released because Oreos didn't like the jokes in the video so it had to be rewritten. The only footage of this is in a video talking about the Oreo partnership.

The Surviving Footage starts at 1:23 to 1:33.

Oreo Lick Race Version 2

Status: Found

After the rewrite, when it was sent to Oreo for review, they approved it and the video was released. Then the video was taken down because Oreo thought that the video was unsuccessful in getting people to participate in the lick race. But the video was re-uploaded and can be viewed below.

The 2nd version of the Lick Race.

Cancelled Oreo Video

Status: Partially Found

A video was made for the Play with Oreos Campaign. It featured Tom and Dean making a robot that feeds them Oreos and the robot becomes evil and wants to destroy the world. There was a war scene including a scene in which Tom blows himself up with an oreo themed landmine. The script was sent in and they did not approve because they thought the video was "too violent" and when they started filming they received a phonecall giving orders to stop production. Due to Oreo's distaste of the concept, the short was never completed. There is surviving footage but the footage was from behind the scenes.

The footage starts at 3:49 to 4:02.

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