Toonstruck 2 (cancelled PC adventure game; 1996)

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Cover for the first game.

Status: Lost

Toonstruck 2 was a sequel to the 1996 video game Toonstruck. Before the release, the game was split into two parts, but due to the commercial flop of the first game, the second part was never released. However, the game's music director stated in 2010 that he's still planning to release the game; as of 2019, however, its status remains unknown.


According to the game's lead designer Richard Hare:

"In the original story, once Drew escaped from Nefarious's castle, he and Flux were supposed to ride a "Train of Thought" up to an island in the sky. Here, Drew explores his own fears and fantasies within a carnival setting (there was a Wild West shootout, an encounter with Drew's artist idol, Van Gogh, and a visit to a maniacal dentist). Finally, Drew needs to kick-start his imagination/creativity (represented by a huge lighthouse) and defeat both Fluffy Fluffy Bun Bun and Nefarious in the process.

If the first ToonStruck had been commercially successful, we would have used most of the content that had been cut from the first game and added in additional scenes to pad out the story. Drew Blanc would have been transformed into a "toon" at the outset of the game and would need to undo this by the end of the game. We also wanted to add in more physical-based puzzles, allowing Drew to physically push around objects in the scene and use them together to solve different problems".

Locations & Music

Keith Arem published a list of music tracks for both Toonstruck and Toonstruck 2, with each music track corresponding to a specific location. It is, therefore, possible to conclude which locations were to be in the second game; some music tracks can also be identified with the use of the APM database. The table below only includes the locations which weren't present in the original game; the full music list can be downloaded using a link in the "Links" section.

Location Music
Swamp William Trytel - Saw Theme
Cutopian Meadow Peer Gynt Suite - Morning Mood
Island in the Sky Crossroads
Frank's Lab Richard Myhill - Armies on the Move
Alternate: The Dawn of Man - Richard Myhill
Frank's Cryo Crypt Richard Myhill - Armies on the Move
Alternate: The Dawn of Man - Richard Myhill
Fantasy World
Wild West Street Dick Stephen Walter - Spaghetti Western
Alternate: Dick Stephen Walter - Rodeo
Wild West Overhead Dick Stephen Walter - Spaghetti Western
Van Gogh's Studio
Creepy, Buggy Attic William Trytel - Saw Theme

Alternate: Tchaikovsky - Marche Slave

Dentist's Office Tchaikovsky - Francesca da Rimini
Dark Bedroom Steve Race - Whodunnit?
Inhuman Robots Inc. Workshop Brian Laurence Bennett - Surveillance
Castle Overlook
Castle Ramparts Richard Myhill - Benedictus
Castle Courtyard Richard Myhill - Benedictus
PTP Headquarters Kitchen Sydney Crooke - March of the Ants
PTP Headquarters Living Room Sydney Crooke - March of the Ants
Alternate: Trevor Duncan - Smouldering Fury (A)
PTP Headquarters Sleeping Quarters Trevor Duncan - Smouldering Fury (A)
Tower of Power Richard Myhill - Gothic Tower
Supply Center First Floor Johnny Pearson - Graveyard
Supply Center Second Floor Johnny Pearson - Graveyard
Supply Center Third Floor Johnny Pearson - Graveyard
Thrown Room
King's Office
King's Office Balcony
Frank's Lighthouse Top Gerhard Trede - Wildwasserfahrt
Alternate: Richard Myhill - Armies on the Move
Light Bedroom
Interior house of Mirrors
Conductor Column
The Dentist Henryk Kuzniak - Tango D'Amore
Good Credits Edvard Grieg - Allegro Moderato e Marcato
Evil Credits

Current Status

Toonstruck VHS

Since 2010, the game's musical director Keith Arem has been stating that he is interested in releasing the game; however, he needs to resolve the legal obstacles to do so. He is communicating news to the fans via a Toonstruck 2 Facebook group; as of 2019, the status of the game is unclear.

A lot of Toonstruck promo materials have been released in the 1990s, with some of them containing scenes from Toonstruck 2; from time to time, some of them resurface on the Web. In 2010, an Adventure-Treff user "Hanuka" stated that he had a disk with Toonstruck 2 materials from Toonstruck designer Laura Janczewski; however, there were no news about it since then. There were also reports about a Burst promotional disk which allegedly came with Broken Sword and included scenes like Drew's Wild West showdown with a giant chicken and "Picasso" played by Jeff Bennett, and a Toonstruck VHS cassette which could also contain scenes from the unreleased sequel; unfortunately, none of these materials have been published online so far.

Cultural Impact

The game and its unreleased sequel acquired a cult status among fans of classical point & click adventures. A number of them attempted to create a Toonstruck 2 fangame based on the available materials from the original. Though the fangame itself is currently on hiatus, they published a Toonstruck launcher (a program which allows launching the first Toonstruck on modern PCs), and a Toonstruck extractor; with the use of the latter, they extracted a number of unused materials from the Toonstruck files, including some materials which were to be used in Toonstruck 2.



Some of the scenes from the second part can be seen in the promo trailer.
Another promo trailer, with several other deleted scenes (low quality).
Another promo with deleted materials, including a sketch of the crazy dentist.


Dialogue Icons

Icon Description

TS2 Dialogue1.png

Knife (the same which appears on the screenshot above)
TS2 Dialogue2.png Glass jar/container?
TS2 Dialogue3.png A medical cot (possibly from the conversation with the dentist?)
TS2 Dialogue4.png  ???
TS2 Dialogue5.png TS2 Dialogue6.png TS2 Dialogue7.png From the conversation with Van Gogh
TS2 Dialogue8.png Drew as a toon

Inventory Items

Item Description

TS2 Item1.png

A beach ball
TS2 Item2.png A bow
TS2 Item3.png A fishing pole
TS2 Item4.png TS2 Item5.png Cowboy's hat and sheriff's star from the Wild West location
TS2 Item6.png TS2 Item7.png A chewing gum?
TS2 Item8.png Lugnut's hearing aid (which Drew would have to steal from him and give to Van Gogh to replace his missing ear)
TS2 Item9.png Lugnut's mouthpiece
TS2 Item10.png Flux's glasses
TS2 Item11.png The same knife as in screenshots and dialogue icons
TS2 Item12.png A burnt-out light bulb (maybe the one which represents Drew's creativity and needs to be replaced?)
TS2 Item13.png A fuse?
TS2 Item14.png Grapes?
TS2 Item15.png TS2 Item16.png  ???
TS2 Item17.png TS2 Item18.png  ??? (probably the same two items that appeared in the dialogue icons above)
TS2 Item19.png A bust of Nefarious (probably carved by Van Gogh in exchange for the hearing aid?)
TS2 Item20.png A teddy bear from the dark bedroom
TS2 Item21.png TS2 Item22.png A toaster and a "super-toaster" (the latter is probably the one from the robot shop in Malevolands)
TS2 Item23.png TS2 Item24.png A rope and a rope+plunger (actually an unused puzzle from the first Toonstruck: originally, Drew had to use it to fly over an abyss to the Malevolator)