UHF (lost deleted scenes of Weird Al film; 1989)

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A poster for the film.

Status: Lost

UHF is a movie written by and starring "Weird Al" Yankovic that was released by Orion Pictures. However, it was released . The film was released on July 21st, 1989, during one of the biggest blockbuster summers of all time, to mixed reviews from critics. It was a box office flop, making only $6.1 million against a $5 million budget. However, after it was released on VHS, it ended up becoming a cult classic to many.

When the first DVD release of the movie came out, it included a deleted-scenes reel with commentary with Weird Al himself, talking about all the parts that were cut and how they "sucked." Most of the scenes on the reel are incomplete and are narrated over by Yankovic. At the end, he says that there are far more deleted scenes that were not shown. The unedited deleted scenes have never been seen, as they were not on the Blu-Ray release either. It is unknown when, or if, Yankovic will eventually release them.

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