Virtual Jockey (lost build of unreleased Virtual Boy game; 1996)

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A flyer for the game.

Status: Lost

Virtual Jockey is a cancelled horse-racing simulation game that was in development by Right Stuff for the Virtual Boy. Due to the Virtual Boy being discontinued, however, it was never finished. The developers later used some of the game's mechanics in the PlayStation 1 game Jockey Zero.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The player character wishes to compete and win in a Japanese derby, mainly to impress his father who had won previously. The player must also defeat over 20 other contestants, including the Kaiser Corps, vile rivals who are also suspected of sabotaging the derby in order to win.

In order to achieve his goals, he must become familiar with the characteristics of his unique talking horse and the courses to win. With the horse, he can, in turn, become familiar with the other horses.

Availability[edit | edit source]

Only four screenshots and some promo material for the game have surfaced. No prototypes or video of the game is currently known to exist.

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